James Mac - Art director / Creative Technologist

A digital design partner for startups and brave businesses



I create integrated brand, product and service experiences.

Black Sheep

Service experience

A utility company, selling energy contracts in the UK, utilizing digital engage with their customers

Santam Be Safe app

Product design

IOS and Android app for a large insurance company in South Africa. Make a claim, create an inventory with added functionality to “follow” your loved ones location.


UX | Prototyping

Sketch, Invision, information architecture, personas, business objectives. Im new to UX, but who isn’t?

UI | Design

Mobile UI,  digital brand style guides, illustration, dribbbles, clean .psd’s, concept, concept, concept

Motion | Animation

Story boarding, illustrations, physics engines, unity, VR mediums, particle nerd.

Clients I have worked on in the past at agencies: SA People (London), Prezence, Hello Computer, Punk (King James)

Awarded. 1X Loerie award, 4X Bookmarks awards, 1X Webby, 1X Smarties award and hand full of others.Ranked and shared as a top trending article and youtube video on expert sites including Mashable.com, CNN.com and Gawker.com.

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