Built with the much controversial wordpress. The site was up and running in 3 days, leaving me budget to cover all the other digital aspect I needed to address.

How it was done

Design | Services design | Development

Propose a digital solution that is cost efficient –  that can disrupt the entire company with a new identity, with process & functionality that gives users a sense of trust. One solution was to provide a starter package for digital (as seen below), while acknowledging already existing processes of the business.

Mailers on the go

As the telesales agent completes the call, it triggers an automatic appointment confirmation, and the user is notified via a responsive mailer with the appointment date and time, along with a summary of their current service provider.

Digitally smart print

Traditional print needs a designer to update content, then send to print house… what a luss! Now the CMS controls content, and with a print style sheet(css), anyone can print out thousands of brochures, with the latest services as they are created. Cutting out the need of a designer!

Social media & readvertising strat

Once we build this functionality beautiful site, we needed traffic. To gain exposure we created social posts. The visitors had a re-advertising program, that followed users around on the internet for a month after.

Rate calculator

Still building this. Will write a summary once its complete. Holding thumbs!